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12 Fastest Fibre Optic Internet Providers in India

Here are the fastest fibre optic broadband providers in India. Hayai:  Hayai provides 1 Gb per second broadband connectivity in Mumbai. The broadband is available in certain pincodes in Mumbai satellite cities around Mumbai, including Badlapur, Thane and Vasai. The plans are available on a monthly or yearly basis. Hayai provides 1 Gbps connectivity in the most locations. For Rs 12,599 a month, you get a practically unlimited, all you can consume plan, without any free usage policy, with a connection speed of 1 Gbps. The plans are not truly unlimited to mitigate chances of abuse, such as running servers or enterprise services, or sharing the plan with everyone in the neighborhood. This is not just about maintaining the connection, but also about following regulations. Reliance Ultraband:  Reliance Ultraband is available only in two addresses in Mumbai. A speed of 1 gbps is offered. The locations are Seawoods Estate in Navi Mumbai and Imperial Towers in Tardeo. The pricing for th

From 512Kbps to 24Mbps; broadband’s growth in India

We have come a long way from the days of dial-up connections that used to take ages to connect to the Internet, and it is now the age of broadband connections. In India, broadband connections have improved tremendously and are showing no signs of slowing down. While speeds of 2Mbps or 4Mbps were acceptable a couple of years back, now it is relatively easy to afford connections with speeds up to 24Mbps. It’s not just the speeds either, and broadband penetration too is showing some positive signs. A recent TRAI report revealed that there are more than 160 lakh broadband subscribers in India, with nearly 6.8 lakh users added since December last year. Let’s take look at this growth in a bit more detail, and see what is driving it. In addition to newer technologies, one of the primary drivers of this growth is the reduction in costs. It is easier and more affordable than ever to have a broadband connection at one’s home. Airtel, for one, is currently offering a 16Mbps connection with