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CEBR: World Economic League Table 2015 Highlights

Revisions to China’s GDP mean that it is now forecast to overtake the US in 2025 compared to 2028 in last year’s forecasts The UK appears to have overtaken France this year to become the world’s 5 th  largest economy (but as the 2014 GDP figures are $2,828bn for the UK and $2,827bn for France, the gap is well within the margin of error) The rise of India looks unstoppable. India overtakes the UK in 2018 to become the largest economy in the Commonwealth and the rise continues – by 2024 India is the world’s third largest economy Korea is becoming an economic powerhouse (Gangnam Style?) as its growth continues – its league table position moves from 15th in 2013 to a solid 8 th , just behind Germany in 2030 Russia’s economic woes, a likely weak rouble and a low price of oil mean that it drops back from 8 th  position in 2013 to 10 th  in 2014 and stays around that position to 2030 Germany slides back, held back by a declining population and the likely weakness of the euro. In 203