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A lack of Support and Sponsorship is Keeping Women from Advancing into Leadership

Too few women are reaching the top of their organizations, and a big reason is that they are not getting the high-stakes assignments that are prerequisite for a shot at the C-suite. Often, this is due to a lack of powerful sponsors demanding and ensuring that they get these stepping-stone jobs. Ensuring that women get the sponsorship they need to move up has proved elusive for most organizations. Many companies have halted formal sponsorship programs, citing push back from executives who feel they are being asked to advocate for people they don’t know well or don’t think are ready. This isn’t a reason to give up on sponsorship; it’s an opportunity to reinvent how we approach it. Sponsorship is rarely something you simply turn on and off.  Rather, it’s a relationship, one that has evolved from lesser to greater trust and public commitment. Let’s first refresh our memory about why sponsorship matters. The vast majority of CEOs come from line positions — positions with a

Revive the Balanced Scorecard for Your 21st-Century Startup

The balanced scorecard is a familiar accessory in the corporate world. Its early legacy includes a period in the early 1900s when French companies used the  tableau de bord  -- or dashboard.  Harvard Business School professor Robert Kaplan and David Norton made the case for the modern scorecard in a 1992  Harvard Business Review  article (and subsequent writings) to give managers and executives a strategic framework for their performance in all areas of business that would integrate financial and nonfinancial measures.   So what does this corporate tradition have to do with a 21st-century startup? Actually, a lot. Often, startup founders don’t dedicate enough time to establishing solid metrics to measure the company's structure: They’re too busy building every aspect of their company's brand from the ground up. But the sooner you balance all the elements that will help you determine how productive your startup really is, the sooner you can define and grasp your succ