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5 Steps to Help You Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Imagine yourself at age 70: What will you look back on with pride? What will you wish you had accomplished? Did you follow your dreams? Your passions? Related:  3 Keys to Successfully Turning Your Passion Into Profit Some say not to mix  passion and entrepreneurship,  but I respectfully disagree. Money can take you only so far, but integrating your passion with your business provides sustainable motivation and the grit to weather the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurial endeavors. In fact, following your passion has been scientifically proven to make you happier. One study found that “harmonious” passion -- an internalization of an interest into a personal identity –  leads to  psychological well-being and prevents negative, internal conflict. All well and good. But simply enjoying something isn’t always going to pay the rent, and that problem may make the notion of turning passion into profit seem implausible. Nevertheless, I have clients I work with every day who h