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The Musings Of An Indian Angel Investor - Learning On The Job

The Indian startup ecosystem is an exciting one, and I’ve learned a lot during my journey over the last few years as an angel investor. The space is evolving and so am I.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes , and hopefully am getting smarter year on year. What I try to do in some of my posts is share some of my learnings – what’s worked and what’s not; what the other players in the ecosystem are doing; what’s going well; and what could be improved. Part of the reason I do this is because I think if we learn to be open and transparent with each other, everyone in the ecosystem stands to benefit. My worry is that if we don’t do this, the misunderstanding between funders and  founders  will increase, and this creates a mess which harms everyone. We need to learn from each other and to trust each other, and that’s why it’s important to be frank and forthright, even if this means being politically incorrect sometimes. INDIA'S MOST INNOVATIVE & LARGEST PAPER BAG MANUFACTURER (wi

How Do You Bring Investors Into Your Business? Very Carefully.

As part of his tax and legal tips video series,  Entrepreneur Network partner Mark Kohler  today talks about techniques to get investors onboard when starting your business. He say that it's paramount that you understand the terms you're using when you're bringing others into the mix and using their money to get started.  Watch the video to learn the subtle differences between lenders, investors (silent partners especially) and partners before you approach them with your game plan, and check out Kohler's new book,  The Tax and Legal Playbook , at Entrepreneur's online bookstore.