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This Online Startup Tool Is Helping Singapore's Entrepreneurs Find Funding

Ask any startup in Southeast  Asia  — if they’re looking to raise funds, they’ve likely been flying in and out of Singapore. The “little red dot,” which is often praised for its friendly business environment and global connectivity, is home to some of the region’s biggest  tech  venture capital firms. And learning how to navigate the scene and knowing which fund is the best fit for your startup can give you an undeniable leg up. Photo Credit: ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Images Which is why two Singapore-based ecosystem builders  Arnaud Bonzom  and  Florian Cornu , who have been long-time collaborators on a number of open data projects for Southeast Asia, have created  Map of the Money 4.0 . It’s a new tool for entrepreneurs and  startups  to get the lay of the land in Singapore’s venture community and also figure out how best to raise money. “We believe that while most information about VC firms is available, it takes a lot of time to collect it and entrepreneurs should be