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Digital Twins and AI Help Extract Maximum Value in the Industrial IoT

It is essential for Indian industries to understand the worth of amalgamating Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence together. This symbiotic mashup has a string of industrial advantages which should be explored, as India moves towards the next industrial revolution. Entrepreneur spoke to  Babu Narayanan, Senior Principal Scientist, Software & Analytics at General Electric  on the benefits of integrating artificial intelligence with Internet of Things, in the industrial context. When asked about the novelty of this phenomenon, Narayanan said that the concept of integration of AI and IoT in the industrial context is new throughout the world. “The Digital Twin is the foundational concept here – a continuously improving digital replica of a physical system that can predict future events and help optimize operations. We want to push the industry towards zero unplanned downtime & always optimized systems. In big industrial plants, a single day of downtime or savings