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9 Essential Elements of Choosing a Domain Name (Infographic)

The internet is a crowded place. Nearly 84,000 new domain names are registered every day, according to data compiled by web hosting tool, . For small-business owners, that means it's increasingly difficult to create a domain name that your customers will remember while still protecting your trademark and your brand. Check out the infographic below for useful tips on how to create a short, catchy and memorable domain name. Click to Enlarge+

Effective Branding Is a Smart Strategy for Improve Your Website's Search Metrics

Making your website appealing to your audience is pretty much the same as making it more appealing to Google. Once you have mastered getting traffic to your website you must learn how to engage those people to keep them on the site longer, improving your time on site and bounce rates.  This is important not only to engage and convert an audience, but these statistics also make your website search engine-lovable. Make your website load faster. This is one of the most crucial web metrics these days. Google takes into consideration the speed of your website when ranking search results, so if it takes too long to load, your website won’t be shown as high in search results as it would have otherwise. Visitors will bounce if the site takes forever to load. They won't wait around to find out if you have the best, most useful information your website. It’s annoying to watch a video that buffers all the time or images that take so long to load, they keep messing up the w