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How to Get the Most Out of an Informational Interview

When you’re looking for a job or exploring a new career path, it’s smart to go out on informational interviews. But what should you say when you’re actually in one? Which questions will help you gain the most information? Are there any topics you should avoid? And how should you ask for more help if you need it? What the Experts Say “Informational interviews are essential to helping you find out more about the type of industry, company, or role you’re interested in,” says Dorie Clark, author of   Stand Out Networking .  “You may think you already know all about a certain position, but speaking to someone directly gives you the opportunity to test your assumptions.” John Lees, a UK-based career strategist and author of   The Success Code , agrees. Informational interviews “give you exposure — a way to get yourself known in the hidden job market,” he says. “The visibility may put you straight onto a short list, even if a job isn’t advertised.” They can also be a great boost to

15 Books for Business Leaders Every Entrepreneur Should Read

No textbook can replace real activities, especially when one thinks of in operation — the hard judgment calls, the late nights, rolling your sleeves and getting dirty down inside the trenches along with your team. Remember this though, you‘ll be able to pave a smoother path for only yourself by looking towards the successful founders who came before you decide to. In the end, when aiming to really make it big, who better to find out from than those who’ve already been put with the wringer and are available on top? Read of their experiences and study their failures, then consider the way you might approach similar challenges. Proactive learning like this will affect the way You Think That, improve the way in which you work, and transform the meaning of success for you personally and your company. Unsure how to start your quest? Take a look at these fifteen books every entrepreneur should read. if you are attempting to find much more recommendations for books to learn, take a loo

The 4 Keys Of Remarkable Company Culture

Culture. It’s a buzzword being thrown around by business leaders quite a bit right now. And while everyone is talking about it, nobody seems to know what it really is. Ever notice how some teams seem to function better than others no matter who is on the team? I’ve been paying attention to culture more and more, and I have come to believe that it is the most important factor in a company’s productivity, talent acquisition and retention, and even its viability. In a world where the war for talent is scaling up on a daily basis,  building a healthy company culture can be the difference between getting by and getting ahead. I’ve studied thousands of teams and company cultures and have noticed some common denominators among the best. Take note of these and develop them within your company. The dividends will be bigger than you think. 1. Purpose Where there is no vision, the people perish. That’s what the scriptures say, and it couldn’t be more true in today’s busine

Good Leaders Don't Just Pay Lip Service To Transparency, They Live It

In business,  leaders  often throw around terms like “transparency” and “clarity” casually and without consequence, as though the mere process of paying lip service to such concepts is sufficient to convince customers and employees alike. In reality, very few leaders practice true transparency within their organizations, and even less do it with their customers. Clear and transparent communication are not simple skills that can be adopted and then dropped at the first sign of trouble, but rather must be practiced in thought, word, and deed. Without a culture of transparency, organizations quickly come unglued and little bumps—like an angry client or misinformed employee—turn into mountains. But with busy schedules, seemingly endless task-lists and diverse clients and personnel, creating a smooth flow of communication can be a challenge. No one is perfect when it comes to transparent leadership, and I’ve had my share of shortcomings in my role as CEO of  BodeTree . The key