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Zuckerberg spills beans on what the ideal elements of a startup should be, says mistakes are bound to happen

Mark Zuckerberg 's  Townhall  also saw questions on the startup culture in India and what is takes to start a new venture and build a separate entity. To this, Facebook founder said, "Building a company is a hard task but if you decide to start a company and begin hiring, you lose flexibility. The idea is to first start building something that you really care about and once you are confident it can turn into something good, that's when you start hiring. That will allow you the flexibility to growth and build the way you want to." Talking about elements of an ideal startup, he said, "You need to care. Focus on what you want to do and the impact of what you want to change."  He also spoke about challenges and mistakes. "No matter what you do, you will make mistakes. Even I made them. Mistakes in hiring, mistakes while setting up the company, the product, anything that can be done wrong, I have committed those mistakes. I was a c

What about Candy Crush requests? Mark Zuckerberg has an answer!

Mark Zuckerberg's townhall at IIT Delhi also touched upon a very important question-Candy Crush requests! Apart from heavy-weight questions on, net neutrality, startup ideals, Zuckerberg also got a question on 'when will we stop getting Candy Crush requests?' To which, Facebook CEO replied, "This is where the Townhall QnA's are useful. I sent a message to the person who is in the developer team to get rid of this issue. There are some tools that are outdated which let people send people invites. We hadn't prioritised shutting it down. But we are doing it now." This was rated the most popular question of the Q&A today. Besides, Zuckerberg said its supported net neutrality and also brought to light the different between zero ratings and net neutrality. Zuckerberg said he is excited to be in India and the energy here was awesome.

Mark Zuckerberg says India is Facebook’s most important market at his maiden townhall in India

Facebook 's  Mark Zuckerberg  began his  Townhall  Q&A at IIT Delhi at Dogra Hall, which has a capacity of 1, 100 people. Zuckerberg has posted a live streaming video where you can see the entire session. He had invited questions on his FB page and is also answering questions in person. Zuckerberg said he is quite excited to be in India and very is awesome. Answering a question on why he was interested in India, he said "India is world's largest democracy. More than 130 million people in India use Facebook and we take our responsibility to serve people in India who are already using Facebook. We are here to hear out people on various aspects. So we want to improve community." "Secondly, people don't have access to internet in India. This is one of the biggest opportunity to help develop economy, alleviate poverty and lift up folks. I think connecting people in India is something we can do for people of the whole world," said