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The future of work place: Human will work there ?

The future of work looks grim for many people. A recent study from Forrester estimated that 10% of U.S. jobs would be automated this year, and another from McKinsey estimates that close to half of all U.S. jobs may be automated in the next decade.  The jobs that are likely to be automated are repetitive and routine. They range from reading X-rays (human radiologists may soon have much more limited roles), to truck driving, to stocking a warehouse. While much has been written about the sorts of jobs that are likely to be eliminated, another perspective that has not been examined in as much detail is to ask not which jobs will be eliminated but rather which aspects of surviving jobs will be replaced by machines.  For example, consider the job of being a physician: It is clear that diagnosing illnesses will soon (if not already) be accomplished better by machines than humans. Machine learning is spectacularly effective when data sets are available for training and testing, which is the ca

30 companies already replacing humans with robots

Worlds first #Robot — BHEEMESH CHOWDARY (@KACHARAGADLA) March 17, 2017 The machines are taking over Not too long ago you might have dismissed the idea of a robot stealing your job as the stuff of science fiction. Not anymore. Companies are increasingly using automations in place of people and experts predict machines will take over the majority of roles within the next 30 years. Here are 30 major firms that have already started replacing their workforce with robots. TESLA Tesla's new $5 billion (£4bn) Gigafactory 1 in the Nevada desert, which is still under construction, will be almost 100% automated in the future. By the third phase of its development, machines will do the vast majority of the work with just a tiny skeleton staff of humans overseeing them. MACY'S Macy's is also getting in on the act with its artificial intelligence-powered virtual bot. The leading department store has just launched Macy'