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5 million jobs to be lost by 2020

We are seeing an era of unprecedented change in the way we work. Rapid advancements in the fields of technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, and in how we create things, such as robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing and biotechnology, will dramatically change the characteristics of the global workforce. The  Fourth Industrial Revolution  is changing the workplace fast, and we will need to adapt our skills to be ready for it. What will happen to jobs? According to the Forum’s  Future of Jobs   report, some jobs will be wiped out, others will be in high demand, but all in all, around 5 million jobs will be lost. Already jobs exist now that had never been heard of five years ago: the role of data scientist, which is in huge demand, is one example. Other jobs will start to require skills not previously associated with them. Those working in sales or manufacturing, for instance, will need a better grasp of technology, thanks to the adv