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To Sell or Not to Sell? 6 Steps to Take to Answer This Question.

The decision could come four months after a successful launch, or four decades following a steady career -- but all entrepreneurs at some point will face the question: Is it time to sell my company? Related:  Know When and How to Sell Your Business With historically low interest rates, a relatively good economy and lots of capital still waiting to be deployed, now is generally speaking a good time to sell a business. Plus, given the coming mass exodus of baby boomers, it’s advantageous to get ahead of the curve. Still, the wise business owner understands that the market dictates only so much. Selling a company is typically a one-time, life-changing event, so it should be considered as carefully and objectively as possible. Here are six steps to determine if it’s time for you to sell: 1. Consider the feasibility of the transaction.   Applying broad market statistics as full truths can be dangerous when you're thinking about something as significant as a sale. No matter w