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How Apple Built 3D Touch

The grinding work behind single iPhone feature. By Josh Tyrangiel | September 9, 2015 | Illustrations by Chris Nosenzo Apple has made many things over the years, but its process has remained essentially the same: Find something ugly and complicated and make it prettier and easier. Prettiness, in brushed aluminum, is more or less a permanent state. Ease, however, is constantly evolving, which is why a few days before the geek hootenanny known as Apple’s September Event, Jony Ive’s focus isn’t on a new version of Apple TV or an iPad the size of a doggy door, but on a feature. It’s called 3D Touch, and it makes using an iPhone even easier. “Ultimately,  this  is our focus,” says Ive, squeezing a  new iPhone 6S . “This is what galvanizes our efforts right across the company.” And 3D Touch, he adds with emphasis, “is something we’ve been working on for a long time—multi, multi, multi years.” The Apple design studio, like Stonehenge, is more mystical in the imagination than in