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Financial inclusion need not be pushed beyond a point, says Raghuram Rajan

Sounding a note of caution, RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan on Thursday said financial inclusion should not be pressed beyond a point because beneficiaries may not have the capacity to make use of funds being made available to them. Rajan made these comments while participating in a seminar on 'Financial Inclusion: Can It Meet Multiple Macroeconomic Goals?' on the sidelines of IMF-World Bank meetings here. Pushing financial inclusion beyond a point can have negative impact because people at the bottom of pyramid do not have capacity to absorb credit, he said. "In my sense, beyond a certain point... (financial inclusion) becomes actually negative," he said, adding that everyone should not be pushed to borrow. RBI Governor also made a case for strengthening the payment mechanism to improve traditional method for delivery of credit. He further said technology and e-model could be used for improving businesses at remote centres. Giving an example, he said a carp