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New Delhi: Govt notifies tax rebate for 7 districts in Andhra Pradesh

Government today said it is extending tax incentives for seven districts in Andhra Pradesh to boost industrial activity. Government today said it is extending tax incentives for seven districts in Andhra Pradesh to boost industrial activity. The incentives have been extended for four districts of Rayalseema and three districts of North coastal region of the state under the Andhra Pradesh Re-organisation Act, 2014. “To further boost the industrial activities, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has notified these seven districts for availing tax incentives under section 32(1)(iia) and section 32AD of the Income-tax Act. “Accordingly, any manufacturing undertaking set up during the period from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2020 in these districts of Andhra Pradesh is eligible for 15 per cent of higher additional depreciation and 15 per cent of investment allowance on the cost of plant and machinery acquired by it during the said period,” the Finance Ministry said in a stat

This Online Startup Tool Is Helping Singapore's Entrepreneurs Find Funding

Ask any startup in Southeast  Asia  — if they’re looking to raise funds, they’ve likely been flying in and out of Singapore. The “little red dot,” which is often praised for its friendly business environment and global connectivity, is home to some of the region’s biggest  tech  venture capital firms. And learning how to navigate the scene and knowing which fund is the best fit for your startup can give you an undeniable leg up. Photo Credit: ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Images Which is why two Singapore-based ecosystem builders  Arnaud Bonzom  and  Florian Cornu , who have been long-time collaborators on a number of open data projects for Southeast Asia, have created  Map of the Money 4.0 . It’s a new tool for entrepreneurs and  startups  to get the lay of the land in Singapore’s venture community and also figure out how best to raise money. “We believe that while most information about VC firms is available, it takes a lot of time to collect it and entrepreneurs should be

50 Best U.S. Colleges For International Students 2016

Last year  some 1 million students  came from foreign countries to study in the U.S., making it the global powerhouse in higher education. It’s not hard to see why. American colleges and universities have minted scores of billionaires, Nobel Prize winners, game-changing entrepreneurs and celebrated leaders in politics, the arts, science, business and more. The global brand value of institutions such as Stanford, Harvard and MIT rivals that of Apple, Google and Microsoft. With the numbers of international students at U.S. colleges and universities skyrocketing – last year saw the  highest rate of growth in 35 years , according to the Institute of International Education (IIE) – we decided to look at what schools are best for this exploding demographic.  This the heart of this inaugural FORBES college ranking, especially created for foreign students and their families, the only one of its kind. We rate four-year private and public schools based on the metrics that matter most to

O2 heralds a new era in smartphones as it becomes exclusive UK stockist of OnePlus 3

+ O2 becomes the first operator in the UK to ever stock OnePlus + OnePlus 3 goes on sale 29 September 2016 + Tariffs start at £28 per month and offer between 500MB and 20GB data Tech’s biggest kept secret will  shortly become available to a whole new audience as O2 becomes the first  operator in the UK to ever stock a OnePlus device, the OnePlus 3. Available on a  range of O2 Refresh tariffs, the device will go on sale from O2 on 29 September.   OnePlus started in 2013  with a simple idea: make a better phone, and a better way of doing things. Famed  for producing high quality and high specification phones available only online,  OnePlus has built up a cult following with their three previous phones, the  OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X. Initially available to a select few  through an invite-only system direct from OnePlus, the latest release is the  first to come to a UK network and move into the wider consumer arena.   Available on the  network’s renowned Refr

Tackling Asia's Human Trafficking With Facebook, WhatsApp And LINE

On August 11,  IOM X , the outreach arm of the International Organization for Migration, received a Facebook message from a 26 year-old Cambodian man. He was at an internet cafe in the Marshall Islands, where his fishing vessel had stopped. The man was a victim of trafficking and finding that his Cambodian recruitment firm would not let him leave without a payment of $4,000, he turned to IOM X for help. They were quickly able to put him in touch with anti-trafficking groups in the Marshall Islands and he was later rescued, and returned to Cambodia. This photo taken on September 1, 2011 shows a migrant laborer sitting on a Thai fishing boat in Sattahip, Thailand’s Rayong province. Thousands of men from Myanmar and Cambodia set sail on Thai fishing boats every day, but many are unwilling seafarers — slaves forced to work in brutal conditions under threat of death. (NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP/Getty Images) While it sounds like a relatively simple story, IOM X says it would have been