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Google just made the internet a tiny bit less annoying

Google wants to make the internet a happier place by taking an irksome security step and—poof!—turning it invisible. Like going through airport security and taking off your shoes, filling out a CAPTCHA field is an annoyance: You have to squint and transcribe distorted letters or numbers to prove you’re not a malicious robot when doing something benign like opening a new email account. Google’s version of this internet time-suck is called reCAPTCHA, the previous iteration of which involves just checking a box that says “I’m not a robot.” But now you might not even have to face the tyranny of clicking that box. On Wednesday, Google launched “Invisible reCAPTCHA,” a service that works as a background bot-sniffer—without a human having to do anything. (The beta version launched last November, according to Google.) “Powering these advances is a combination of machine learning and advanced risk analysis that adapt to new and emerging threats,” the company said in a video. Whe

Your Biggest Cybersecurity Weakness Is Your Phone

Mobile devices are one of the weakest links in corporate security. Executives are wrestling with managing a proliferation of devices, protecting data, securing networks, and training employees to take security seriously. In our  Tech Pro Research survey  of chief information officers, technology executives, and IT employees, 45% of respondents saw mobile devices as the weak spot in their company’s defenses. (Employee data was cited by 37%, followed by wireless access of networks at 34% and bring-your-own-device efforts at 29%.) Meanwhile, the potential for mobile attacks continues to expand. In July  com Score reported  that half of all digital time was spent on smartphone apps, and 68% percent of time was spent on a mobile device. If mobile security isn’t a problem for your company yet, it will be. Consider the following recent events: A flaw called “Quadrooter” left more than 900 million Android devices vulnerable to attacks. The code was published online. Google has sinc

Create a Culture of Cybersecurity at Your Small Business

With Cyber Security Month in full swing, it may be a good time to help your employees understand the role they can play in your business's cyber security. October is  National Cyber Security Awareness Month,  which can mean paying extra attention to keeping intruders from breaching your company’s data. While tools such as firewalls and virus protection software can be critical ingredients of a secure system, employees may often be overlooked as a key to your system’s safety. “Cybersecurity is not just about IT. The best detection tools only do part of the job,” says James Pooley, an IP and legal security consultant and author of  Secrets: Managing Information Assets in the Age of Cyberespionage . “Hacks come from the outside, but they usually succeed only with help from the inside,” he says. “It’s usually accidental, like what happened with the Sony hack. Someone saw an email that looked legitimate and clicked on an attachment that opened a door, letting malicious softwa