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Digital Twins and AI Help Extract Maximum Value in the Industrial IoT

It is essential for Indian industries to understand the worth of amalgamating Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence together. This symbiotic mashup has a string of industrial advantages which should be explored, as India moves towards the next industrial revolution. Entrepreneur spoke to  Babu Narayanan, Senior Principal Scientist, Software & Analytics at General Electric  on the benefits of integrating artificial intelligence with Internet of Things, in the industrial context. When asked about the novelty of this phenomenon, Narayanan said that the concept of integration of AI and IoT in the industrial context is new throughout the world. “The Digital Twin is the foundational concept here – a continuously improving digital replica of a physical system that can predict future events and help optimize operations. We want to push the industry towards zero unplanned downtime & always optimized systems. In big industrial plants, a single day of downtime or savings

‘India, a hotbed for next solar revolution’

Renewable energy infrastructure is a big unfolding opportunity, says Schneider Electric’s India chief As India sets ambitious target for renewable energy sector growth, a number of opportunities have opened up. These include inverters, back up facilities, smart grids, net metering, distribution management systems for large solar parks, and Green Energy Corridors. Anil Chaudhry, Country President and Managing Director, Schneider Electric India, in an exclusive interaction with BusinessLine details the potential it holds for his Euro 27 billion revenue company. Excerpts: How do you see the unfolding opportunity in the renewable energy sector in India? This is the priority for the country seeking to keep up COP 21 commitments while balancing use of fossil fuel and renewables to meet growing energy requirements. The target of 175 giga watt by 2022 including 100 GW of solar is visionary and at Schneider Electric we consider this a good opportunity. During the financial y

This Indian IoT Product In China Shows How Factories Will Be Part Of The 4th Revolution

One of my fondest memories of growing up in a small town in India is making gashes in the bark of a tree on the way to school. The next day we would collect the gum which had seeped out. It was fun to use the natural gum to stick labels on our notebooks, even if it was messy. Later I graduated to industrially produced adhesives, from simple glue to quick fixes for broken objects. But it’s only recently that I learned about the sophisticated technology and precision manufacturing involved in adhesives for such critical products as the wings of aircraft. One of the leading manufacturers of adhesives of this kind is Henkel, headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany. Its Dragon Plant (the name is a cultural homage to the plant’s sheer magnitude) in Shanghai, China, is the  world’s largest adhesives factory , and aims to be the smartest one, too. I was intrigued to discover how an IoT (internet of things) product made by an Indian startup, Flutura, in Bangalore is playing a transform

13 ways companies should improve their data security in the age of IoT

As our world gets more and more connected, consumers and businesses alike must think fast about how they protect important information. In particular, there’s a burden on businesses that work in and around the Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure that they’re serving their customers’ best interests by taking every measure to protect sensitive information. To learn more about how to adapt security measures considering the complexity of today’s technologies, I asked a group of entrepreneurs from  YEC  the following question:  How should companies ramp up their data security as the Internet of Things grows? Have backups in place  As security hazards evolve, so must security measures. I don’t think it’s just about protection; it’s about having backups to restore your info in case your systems need to be rebooted. That’s something you need to invest in. –  Alfredo Atanacio ,  Uassist.ME Plan and protect for a security breach With the growth of the IoT, chances of a secu