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iOS 9 adoption reached 12% in just 24 hours, while Android Lollipop took 5 months

A pple released iOS 9 day before, and reports indicate that the adoption is extremely fast-paced. While the company hasn’t revealed official numbers, analytics firm Mixpanel reveals that iOS 9 adoption reached 12 percent in just 24 hours. The rate of adoption is slightly better than iOS 8 adoption last year, and unsurprisingly is much slower than iOS 7 adoption the year before. Apple users reported some early download issues with iOS 9, but that seems to now have been resolved. The error in installation was attributed to the heavy load on Apple servers as many users tried to transition to iOS 9. The big highlight with the iOS 9 installation is its size. While previous versions ate up a lot of space, the latest one is less than 1.5GB.TechCrunch spoke to Mixpanel CEO Suhail Doshi who provided some context to adoption rate when compared to Android Lollipop. “This kind of adoption took Android’s latest operating system, Lollipop, in comparison 5 months to achieve. One