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The first Apple TV reviews say it's great, but not a game changer

The Apple TV App Store. Initial reviews of the Apple TV started popping up this evening. The new Apple TV is greatly anticipated, as it's been three years since the last update. Apple's added tasty new features like Siri voice searching, an app store like the one on the iPhone, and a touch-based remote control. So, does it live up to all the anticipation? Yes and no. The general vibe is that it's a great improvement over the previous generation, but there's little to make people choose the Apple TV over other streaming devices, or even cable itself. The positives The Wall Street Journal's Geoffrey Fowler  is a fan of the remote control and the new way of controlling the Apple TV, " The Apple TV gets the Internet TV remote right by reaching for the same touch-screen feeling that makes the iPhone intuitive to a 2-year-old... Without having to look down, you feel connected to what's happening on the big screen." Indee