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Creating a Media Plan for Your Brand

Making a media plan before a product launch or while rebranding will help you focus on your overall message so your presence is consistent, wherever your audience sees it. A media plan encompasses every outlet you’re planning to use during a campaign, from organic to paid. Follow along as we show you exactly how we create our media plans so you can create some brand-building magic yourself. Who Can Use a Media Plan? Everyone! Media plans are an idea l  way to organize all media outlets  while preparing for product launches, new campaigns, and general strategy changes . These plans help keep everyone aligned before content creation and any paid media spend begins. Above All, Remember Your Goal Before making any firm plans, know your goal. Your KPIs will determine how you use each platform, so don’t skip it. Do you want to increase awareness or grow your Instagram engagement by a certain percentage? Increase sales to X amount each month? Whatever your goal is, solidify it before moving o