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10 Things To Never Apologize For Again

(all illustrations by Jessica Hagy) “I’m so sorry, but—” is the introductory phrase of doom. Apologizing when you haven’t made any mistakes makes you look weak and easy to dismiss, not polite. Still want to say sorry? Then just don’t say it in these 10 situations. 1. Don’t apologize for taking up space. You’re three-dimensional in many powerful ways. 2. Don’t apologize for not being omniscient. If you really were psychic, you’d be out spending your lottery winnings already. 3. Don’t apologize for manifesting in a human form. You require food, sleep, and you have regular biological functions. This is not being high-maintenance. This is being alive. 4. Don’t apologize for being intimidatingly talented. Do you detect a wee bit (or a kilo-ton) of jealousy? Good. You’re doing something more than right. 5. Don’t apologize for not joining the cult du jour. If you don’t believe in the life-changing magic of the brand synergy matrix (or whatever the sli