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90,00,00,000 Indians Can't Get Online – Here's Why

Despite the Modi wave vouching for a Digital India, India boasting of some of the top IT companies, tech entrepreneurs and new digital startups springing every day, there is a disturbing fact that we’re all keep curtained. Only a small fraction of the population actually has access to the web. Debates over net neutrality and Facebook’s Free Basics seem to have conveniently forgotten how the focus should primarily be on how to give access to every Indian before we actually debate its different forms and limited coverage. Recently, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey on the impact and coverage of internet in India. Only 22% of adults in India had access to Internet services. This puts India very behind other developing countries like Brazil & China, where Internet access rates are 65% and 60% respectively. There are several factors to why internet acess is so limited here: Infrastructure problems Building a high speed, large coverage internet grid requires heavy infr