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A computer inspired by a desk lamp M icrosoft’s Surface PCs are known for their hinges. From the first, launched alongside Windows 8, to the new Surface Studio, each device has a hinge system that has evolved over time. That’s no accident, as the designers behind the scenes have been tweaking the Surface formula for years now. This latest creation, the Surface Studio, is designed to create an illusion of floating pixels. I met with the Surface Team last week to hear the history of the Surface and its latest Surface Studio hinge. “There is a tradition of us getting funding with pretty crappy prototypes,” admits Ralf Groene, Microsoft's head of industrial design, as he sits proudly next to the Surface Studio during its launch event in New York City last week. Those “crappy prototypes” include the original Surface RT concept, that was an acrylic sheet with a piece of string attached. Microsoft started with the basic concept of propping up a tablet on a table and typing, an

Microsoft stunned the world on Tuesday by launching its first ever laptop, the Microsoft Surface Book.

Over the past few years,   Microsoft   ( MSFT ,  Tech30 )   has said that its Surface tablets would replace traditional laptops, but now the company has a backup product -- just in case. "Some people prefer this form factor," Ed Giaimo, a senior lead on the Surface Book team, told CNNMoney at an event in New York. The Microsoft Surface Book looks like a MacBook at first glance, but how it works is much more interesting -- and intuitive. Just like the Surface, the new Surface Book can be used as a full-powered laptop or as a tablet. You can also snap the display screen to the back of the keyboard so it acts like a clipboard, thanks to a unique mechanical hinge. The Microsoft Surface Book has a special hinge that allows the screen to be undocked, or connected backwards as a clipboard. But the Surface Book isn't just another Surface tablet with a better keyboard. The monitor contains the latest Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, and the keyboard bas