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10 Simple Ways To Have More Productive Meetings

Who hasn’t struggled to stay awake through a three-hour meeting, or left a department-wide pow-wow wondering what the point was? It’s amazing how many bad meetings we have to suffer through at work: Each month, people spend about  31 hours in unproductive meetings , and the U.S. spends a whopping  $37 billion  on salaries for hours spent in unnecessary meetings. As someone  running four growing companies , I have long understood that time is my most valuable asset. I also happen to have ADHD, so sitting through long meetings is extra difficult – especially if they lack focus. That’s why I’ve developed a framework to ensure every meeting I attend – or lead – is worthwhile. Make meetings more productive … and maybe even fun. Photo by Jeremy Jude Lee. Here are  10 quick tips to ensure your meetings aren’t time-wasters. 1. State The Objective How many times have you gone to a meeting with only a vague agenda and sat through a discussion with no end in sight?  The mo