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How To Avoid Self-Induced Stress And Decision Fatigue In Business

Not too long ago I finally went to the doctor for my annual physical. When I got the results back, it looked like I was healthy for a person my age. The results were right where they should be, except for one: my stress hormones. Apparently, my cortisol levels were incredibly high. Naturally, the doctor was concerned and wanted to dig deeper. Once she found out that I was an entrepreneur, she stopped her line of questioning. “That explains everything,” she replied with supreme confidence. “Almost all of my entrepreneur patients experience the same thing.” And with that, she sent me on my way with instructions to “try and relax.” It’s no secret that running a business is stressful. In fact, for the average entrepreneur, there are so many stressors and decision points throughout the day that at some point the quality of the decisions being made begins to deteriorate rapidly. This impaired ability to make good decisions is called decision fatigue, and it plagues leaders and entrepreneurs ali…

5 Changes I'm Making to My Social Media Marketing in 2017

If there’s one thing you can rely on, it’s change – especially when it comes to social media. It seems like every day there’s some new feature or new technology that is taking the digital landscape by storm. And social media isn’t showing any signs of slowing down yet. Today, one-third of the world’s population uses social media networks on a regular basis. With so much constant change, it’s the brands that can keep up and roll with the punches that are going to be the ones to succeed on social. But to keep up and stay ahead of the competition, businesses must understand the latest trends and how to use them effectively. If your brand is still stuck using Google+, it may be time for an upgrade. Here are five of the latest social media marketing trends that I want to incorporate into my strategy this year – you may want to consider them for yours, too. 1. Live Video In 2016, 14% of marketers experimented with live video, and that number is only going to climb this year. We saw live vid…

The World’s Next Great Manufacturing Center

In a low-slung office building at his giant ceramics factory in southwestern Nigeria, Sun Jian insisted that we have tea. He had just returned from a trip to China, and he had a batch of top-quality tea he wanted to share with visitors, in an age-old gesture of Chinese hospitality.
Sun is from Wenzhou, a midsize city in southeastern China. Nearly 4,000 years ago the lustrous, pale green glaze called celadon was invented in Wenzhou, which became the birthplace of Chinese ceramics. In the 1970s, however, times there were tough. After elementary school, Sun dropped out and started working. In 1978, two years after Mao Zedong’s death, Wenzhou was the first city in China to establish private enterprises. Sun worked his way up through several leather-processing factories and eventually saved enough to start his own leather manufacturing business. But by the late 2000s costs were climbing at an alarming pace, and he knew he needed to move out of China. A friend suggested he think about Nigeri…