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5 things to check before selling gold ornaments

Before you sell, check if your jewellery is hallmarked or not. Hallmarking establishes the purity of gold jewellery. (Photo: Mail Today) It is very often seen in India that when in dire need of cash, people turn to monetising gold holdings, especially jewellery. In most cases, it has been observed that money encashed on selling gold tends to be much lower than one's expectation. In order to avoid further disappointment, following are the few checks before selling gold ornaments. RETAIN INVOICE  - A good jeweller will always ask for the purchase document or invoice when you go to sell jewellery. If you are heading to the same shop from where you brought the piece years before in case of any disputes regarding purity, etc. the retailer won't be in a position to contest as the details of the same will be clearly stated in the bill of purchase. WHAT'S IT WORTH?  - It is very important to have a proper understanding of the worth of gold that you are inte