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Why Achieving Organisational Agility is Important for Business

Organisational agility is a core differentiator in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Organisations should be agile enough to anticipate fundamental marketplace shifts and reshape their business priorities in response to the market movements. Thus, it is always of vital importance for companies to gauge market views of the overall business climate on the local, regional and global level before they devise and execute their business expansion plans. Top Destinations Favourable for Business Expansion According to The Executive Centre’s survey of more than 800 companies in Asia Pacific, on the global level, similar to last year’s findings, about half of the respondents expected the global economy to remain roughly the same as the previous year’s. But the level of confidence in the economic outlook for the Asia Pacific region as a whole dropped significantly, registering only 64 per cent of respondents confident or very confident in the region’s prospects for 2016, do