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What makes Ireland great, makes Ireland great for business

WHY INVEST IN IRELAND? Forbes magazine has ranked Ireland as one of the best countries for business. This is not just for large multinationals, but also the potential multinationals of the future. IDA nurtures these high-growth companies, helping them forge their future success in Ireland. IMPRESSIVE TRACK RECORD Ireland’s performance as a hub for Foreign Direct Investment is unrivalled. BEST COUNTRY IN WESTERN EUROPE ECONOMY Ireland has a small highly globalised economy, with a large exporting sector, and a significant number of multinational corporations. While the global downturn impacted significantly on Ireland, the outlook for the economy is improving. IRISH ECONOMY GREW AT MORE THAN 5% IN 2014 - THE FASTEST RATE IN EUROPE   TOTAL EXPORTS EXPECTED TO GROW BY 4.8% IN 2014   UNEMPLOYMENT HAS FALLEN FOR PAST 3 YEARS, DOWN TO LESS THAN 10%   IRELAND'S COMPETITIVENESS HAS IMPROVED DRAMATICALLY SINCE 2008 BUSINESS SERVICES Ireland is one of Europe’s lea