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Apple iOS 10 Has 25 Great Secret Features

Apple iOS 10 is here and the case to upgrade is a strong one thanks to a multitude of major new features. And this case gets even stronger given all the secret features iOS 10 also hides beneath the surface… ‘Great Features’ and ‘Nasty Surprises’ are my regular columns investigating operating system updates for the best features / biggest problems hidden behind the headlines. Apple iOS 10. Image credit: Apple Here are 25 of the best: Apple Maps Find My Car:  Siri automatically detects when you’re driving and drops a pin at the location you stop, so you can easily find it later. Avoid Tolls:  when setting a route, you can now choose to specifically avoid toll roads. A nice Google Maps catch up feature. Apple Maps gets a major upgrade in iOS 10, but you could remove it completely if you want. Image credit: Apple Location Suggestions:  In iOS 10 when you enter a Calendar event you will find locations are suggested automatically using Apple Maps. This is a catch

Galaxy S7 Vs iPhone 6S Review: Easy Wins, Big Losses

Everything you know about the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S is wrong. Once accused of becoming increasingly identical, in 2016 the ranges offer very different propositions. The result? A tantalising contest where each phone scores big wins and takes heavy losses. So which should you buy: Galaxy S7? iPhone 6S? Neither? My detailed review has the answers. Let’s go… Design – Style Vs Style and Substance Welcome to the year the master surpassed the apprentice. Having spent years making plastic ugly but highly practical phones, in 2015 Samsung launched the Galaxy S6 and proved it could craft handsets every bit as well as Apple. One year later Samsung has now surpassed them. Yes, the iPhone 6S remains a beautifully sculpted phone. Carved from a block of aluminium, it exudes quality. Every port, speaker hole and curve is machined to within an inch of its life and the quality of the iPhone 6S is obvious the moment you pick it up. But that’s where the good news stops. Where the iPhone