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World's First Self-Driving Taxis Hit Singapore

Earlier in the week, Uber made waves when the company announced that it would be deploying self-driving cars to assist in its operations in Pittsburgh before the end of the month. This Thursday however, in Singapore, a relatively unknown startup named nuTonomy has pipped mighty Uber to the post  with the launch  of what could possibly be the world’s first self-driving taxi service. The company, a spin-out from MIT, has already begun public trials in Singapore’s One-North district, picking up select members of the public. For the time being, nuTonomy’s fleet of vehicles is limited to either  a Mitsubishi i-Miev or a Renault Zoe but the company will be adding more cars in the near future. nuTonomy was founded in 2013 and has received nearly $20 million in funding from the likes of Ford Chairman Bill Ford, Samsung Ventures and EDBI, the investment arm of the Singapore Economic Development Board. Customers with nuTonomy’s app are able to summon a vehicle anywhere in the test a