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IGD Fall Frontier 100 Forum: African Business in the World-Class Space

Every year, IGD convenes top African and global CEOs and senior executives for the Frontier 100 Forum. The Forum provides a platform for participants to discuss business and investment in Africa, particularly focusing on how the power of business can be harnessed to promote inclusive growth. This fall, the Forum will be in Washington D .C from Oct. 19-21, 2015. AFRICA’S BORN AND BRED BUSINESSES Africa is a continent on the move. This Fall Frontier 100 Forum celebrates the dynamism and growing importance of African business — not only on the continent — but also in the global sphere. The rising influence of homegrown African businesses in the global economy reflects the changing realities on the ground. In 2014, Africa  accounted  for 9 of the world’s 15 fastest-growing economies. Some 26 of Africa’s 54 countries have achieved middle-income status in a short period of time. This rapid progress and growth have ignited a greater interest in Africa as an investment destination, as