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Paper bags have amazing advantages in terms of environmental friendliness. They work to create a more sustainable world because ... they are produced from a renewable raw material   they are reusable they are recyclable they are biodegradable their raw material is sourced from sustainably managed forests they store carbon dioxide (CO2) The environmental symbols created by The Paper Bag help companies demonstrate their environmental responsibility, promote the sustainability credentials of paper bags and share them with consumers. Paper bags are produced from a renewable raw material The raw material used in papermaking is long cellulose fibers, which are extracted from tree thinnings and from process waste from the sawn timber industry. These fibers are a bio-based, renewable, and ever-growing natural resource. Paper bags are reusable Thanks to the long, strong virgin cellulose fibers that can be used in paper carrier bags, they can have high mechanical strength. This is a prerequisite

Don't Be Afraid to Embrace Boring Ideas

Kikkerland's annual design competition results in an unexpected bestseller. Dutch design firm  Kikkerland  is known for bringing whimsy to utilitarian products -- say, a cocktail shaker in the shape of a maraca, or a portable barbecue in the shape of a suitcase. So it was surprised when one of its most successful products of the past year was a… cord organizer.  The product, the Cable Loft, was born out of Kikkerland’s annual Design Challenge, in which the brand partners with a retail company and a team of student designers, who submit problem-solving ideas for one particular challenge. For 2016, the challenge brought together The Container Store and students from the Rhode Island School of Design, who were asked to create a product for the digitally connected home. Students went through multiple rounds of presentations and  critiques  before final prototypes were submitted to buyers for consideration. Cable Loft -- an organizational home for a power strip and the

Paper bags in demand

Manufacturers say they started getting a lot of calls after the ban on plastic bags became official The ban on plastic in the State has turned out to be a boon for manufacturers of paper bags. They have reported a spurt in interest with retailers, hotels and restaurants dominating the enquiries. Paper bags are being seen as the obvious replacement for plastic carry bags. Kala Charlu, founder of Multiple Initiatives Towards Upliftment (MITU), said they had been receiving a ‘lot of enquiries’ of late, mostly through references. “The demand is from shops and hotels. In fact, a big retail shop has asked for 4,000 bags at one go. We are seeing demand from areas such as Koramangala, Whitefield and Bellandur. They are even ready to come and collect the bags when we informed that we may have to charge for delivery,” she said. Made with old newspapers by people in Nelamangala, Chikkabanavara and other places, these bags are priced between 70 paise and Rs. 6 per piece. “We use tw