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Will Your Ethics Hold Up Under Pressure?

No executive wants to wake up and find themselves on the cover of the Wall Street Journal , exposed in some widespread breach of ethics. The Volkswagen debacle  is every leader’s worst nightmare. Waiting to see if your organization’s ethical fabric is as bullet proof as you hope isn’t a great strategy, argues  JonathanHaidt . He is a  professor  of Business at NYU, the New York Times  bestselling author of landmark book  The Righteous Mind , and founder of  Ethical Systems , a research-based non-profit dedicated to helping strengthen the ethical backbone of the business community. Over two engaging interviews, he shared his insights and hopes for helping organizations realize greater ethical strength by taking a systemic approach to cultural, structural, strategic and procedural system design. For him, this is more than a field of study. It’s a cause. He says, Business is the engine of growth for all of humanity. The spread of markets and modern business practices is the reason