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Online product discovery platforms—the woman shopper’s new best friend

ANALYSIS There was a time when we would fall in love with a pair of trendy boots or a pretty dress in the window of a shop and then buy them. In the age of online shopping, product discovery portals have become the new ‘store windows’. Neena Sukumar, a 25-year-old Bengaluru-based techie, is an avid follower of fashion trends. But her busy schedule keeps her away from stores. She found Wooplr, a social discovery app which focuses on fashion and lifestyle, a few months ago. Every day, the app’s posts show new styles and products from various online and offline stores. “I check out the posts on Wooplr every other day. It has products of all price ranges and brands, and I get to know the cost and availability on the same platform,” she says. She even gets suggestions on how to put a look together on Wooplr. If e-commerce brought shoppers to the Internet, online product discovery platforms are changing the way they shop online. Thanks to increasing Internet penetration and risin