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5 Ways to Make Success a Routine Matter

Consistent top achievers at virtually anything have a routine that prepares them for success. This is not simply any routine, but a detailed plan that creates rhythm in its execution. Pay attention to those who have achieved high levels of success and you’ll hear them describe the times when they are at their absolute best as being in a "zone." The zone doesn't happen by accident; it comes from carefully orchestrating preparative steps to later put them to use. Picture your favorite professional basketball or baseball player. Visualize them at the free throw line or in the batter's box. Do they have a routine? Absolutely. They bounce the ball the same number of times before each shot or adjust their batting gloves the same way before digging in to face the next pitch. Why? They realize the value of routine. By creating a repeatable pattern, the athlete eliminates the need to process the small details of each moment, keeping them free from unnecessary distracti