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Naidu, India's leading reformer

F ifty-four-year-old N Chandrababu Naidu, who was humbled on Tuesday when   Andhra Pradesh voted him out   as the state's chief minister, has been the most visible face of India's economic reforms and information technology revolution. He managed to coax global IT giants Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Computer Associates and Oracle to set up shop in Hyderabad, when India hardly featured on global IT majors' radar. Naidu made an impressive presentation before global CEOs and convinced them to invest in his state. But despite his growth-oriented policies, Naidu suffered a massive defeat at the hustings as the Andhra Pradesh voter cast his mandate in favour of the emotive issue of a separate Telengana state, which has been 'starved of development funds.' Naidu, however, won international and domestic acclaim for taking Hyderabad places, making it a major for information technology hub. He was ranked amongst most innovative reformers in India, who implemented e-govern