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4 Ways Steve Jobs Inspired Employees With Great Stories

The visionary Apple co-founder was also a master storyteller who used narratives to motivate his team. Steve Jobs knew the power of storytelling better than almost any entrepreneur. In the new book  Illuminate: Ignite Change Through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies, and Symbols ,  co-authors Nancy Duarte, CEO of Silicon Valley design firm Duarte, and communications expert Patti Sanchez share how leaders like Jobs have used creative communication methods to bring about change. Here are four innovative ways Jobs inspired Apple's employees with compelling stories, as cited in the book. 1. The ceremony. Jobs was known for using symbolic gestures at Apple, like having the signatures of every member of the original Macintosh team engraved on the inside of every Mac (the way artists sign their work), but he also used ceremonies to help forward his agenda. For example, when he wanted the company to forget about Mac OS 9 and move on to Mac OS X, he held a mock funeral for Mac O