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How to Plan for the Next 5 Years

Where do you see yourself in five years? Will you be a workaholic on Wall Street, living the simple life in America’s heartland or will you be a successful entrepreneur with a million-dollar business? If you are reading this article, I am guessing your answer is the latter. While trendy strategies come and go, there is no substitute for classic goal setting. Here are a few tried-and-true tactics to propel your business to success. Review your goals every day. Goal setting is like getting on the scale -- you’ll see greater success if you do it every morning. As entrepreneurs, dreaming big is standard practice. The distinguishing factor between the big dreamers and the big doers is that the doers take action. Related:  How Startup Founders Should Be Setting Long-Term Goals “Sometimes our biggest life goals seem so overwhelming. We rarely see them as a series of small, achievable tasks,” writes Jack Canfield in his book,  The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You A

Google Nexus 6P with 5.7-inch display announced starting at $499 (US) & $ 597 (India)

Google's biggest phone just got a bit smaller. On stage in San Francisco this morning, Google unveiled the Nexus 6P, a new version of its Nexus 6 smartphone with a slightly smaller 5.7-inch display and a completely new design. The phone is only 7.3mm thick and is supposed to be about the same overall size as the iPhone 6 Plus — that means it's fitting a slightly bigger screen into a body of about the same size. That screen, a WQHD AMOLED display, actually makes up nearly three quarters of the front of the device. Google used the event to  announced the Nexus 5X , too. Google is calling the Nexus 6P its "most premium phone yet." That's for a lot reasons. It's the first Nexus with an all-metal body. It includes two front-facing speakers. And it also has a fingerprint sensor on the back, placed where Google expects you to rest your finger while holding it. All you need to do is tap on the sensor with your finger, and the phone will wake up and unlock.

5 Ways To Increase Your Annual Income

Invest in Enriching Your Life and Increasing Your Income Increasing your annual income has many benefits- mainly, ability to afford a quality lifestyle for you and your family, and also the ability to manage unexpected money requirements. Here are five practical ways to increase your annual income. #1: Invest in Yourself – Add Value to Your Self Worth Investing in yourself will give you disproportionately high return on investment- both for the amount of money invested and the time you spent. DIY Tips to Invest in Yourself Leverage the power of learning. Add a new skill, learn a new language, or try something that’s been on your bucket list. Set aside time on a daily or weekly basis to read informative blogs, articles or books. Attend a workshop, webinar or training to stay updated on the latest trends. Explore your creative side to exercise untapped areas of your mind. This will open up different doors of perception- personally and professionally. Invest time in

3D printing in gel shows how scientists could print human organs

While scientists have had success in the past printing structures like " bionic ears ," a clear path to making functional internal organs and tissue hasn't really emerged. However,  researchers at the University of Florida in Gainesville have developed  a way of printing complex objects in gel, a method that could help pave the way to 3D-printed organs in the future. The hard thing about printing intricate organic structures like blood vessels and complicated organs is that they collapse under their own weight before they solidify. The gel here, which is made of an acrylic acid polymer, acts as a scaffold to hold the structure in place during the printing process. That approach has already allowed the team to print with organic materials — and even make a replica of a human brain. A SMALL, BUT SOLID STEP FORWARD Printing in gel  isn't an entirely new idea . And, of course, the method isn't perfect. For one thing, using inorganic gel as a scaffold can't keep

భారత్‌లోని మూడు సెంటర్ల నుంచి కమర్షియల్‌ క్లౌడ్‌ సర్వీస్‌

* మూడు సెంటర్ల నుంచి ప్రారంభం ఇంటర్నెట్‌డెస్క్‌, హైదరాబాద్‌: ప్రఖ్యాత ఐటీ సంస్థ మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్‌ భారత్‌లోని మూడు సెంటర్ల నుంచి కమర్షియల్‌ క్లౌడ్‌ సర్వీస్‌ను ప్రారంభించింది. ఇతర కంపెనీలు తమ సమాచారాన్ని క్లౌడ్‌ సర్వీస్‌ ద్వారా దాచుకునేందుకు మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్‌ సదుపాయం కల్పిస్తోంది. ముంబయి, పూణె, చెన్నై మూడు సెంటర్ల నుంచి మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్‌ క్లౌడ్‌ సేవలు అందిస్తోంది. ప్రధాని నరేంద్ర మోదీ అమెరికాలో మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్‌ కంపెనీని సందర్శించినప్పుడు మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్‌ సీఈఓ సత్యనాదెళ్ల భారత్‌లో క్లౌడ్‌ సర్వీస్‌ను ఏర్పాటు చేయనున్నట్లు తెలిపారు. ప్రపంచవ్యాప్తంగా క్లౌడ్‌ సర్వీస్‌ కోసం మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్‌ 15బిలియన్ల అమెరికా డాలర్లు వెచ్చిస్తున్నట్లు వెల్లడించింది.

Why South Korea Will Be The Next Global Hub For Tech Startups

American business has long led the way in high tech density or the proportion of businesses that engage in activities such as Internet software and services, hardware and semiconductors. The US is fertile ground for tech start-ups with access to capital and a culture that celebrates risk taking. Other countries have made their mark on the world stage, competing to be prominent tech and innovation hubs. Israel has been lauded as a start-up nation with several hundred companies getting funded by venture capital each year. A number of these companies are now being acquired by the likes of Apple, Facebook and Google. Finland and Sweden have attracted notice by bringing us Angry Birds and Spotify among others. But a new start-up powerhouse is on the horizon – South Korea. Bloomberg News recently published the  Bloomberg  Global Innovation Index and ranked South Korea first among all nations by comparing a group of indicators such as research & development capability, productivity

Aadhaar Card

How to Check Aadhaar Card Status Online Applied for an Aadhaar card but still haven't received it? You can easily check the status of your application online. All you need is a copy of the acknowledgement slip that you are given after your visit to the enrolment centre. If you have that, then this is an easy process. An Aadhaar card is an official government-issued identity card for Indians. Many government institutions accept this card as a proof of identity and some require that you produce your Aadhaar card. The card is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on behalf of the government. It's steadily being linked to a growing number of government functions, and continues to grow in importance, so it's probably a good idea to get an Aadhaar card, even if you don't necessarily need one yet. Follow these steps to check the status of your Aadhaar card application online. Head to the Aadhaar status page on the   UIDAI website . Ch

ప్రజ్వలించిన పరిశోధన

కక్ష్యలోకి ఆస్ట్రోశాట్‌  నమ్మకం వమ్ము చేయని పీఎస్‌ఎల్‌వీ  మరో ఆరు విదేశీ ఉపగ్రహాలనూ కక్ష్యలోకి చేర్చిన రాకెట్‌  విశ్వంపై పరిశోధనలకు వీలు  శ్రీహరికోట : అంతరిక్ష రంగంలో భారత్‌ మరోసారి వెలుగులీనింది. నక్షత్రాలు, ఖగోళశాస్త్ర పరిశోధనల కోసం తొలిసారిగా ఆస్ట్రోశాట్‌ ఉపగ్రహాన్ని విజయవంతంగా రోదసిలోకి పంపింది. ఈ ఘనత సాధించిన అతికొద్ది దేశాల సరసన సగర్వంగా చేరింది. భారత అంతరిక్ష పరిశోధన సంస్థ (ఇస్రో)కు అచ్చొచ్చిన పీఎస్‌ఎల్‌వీ రాకెట్‌ ద్వారానే ఈ విజయయాత్ర సాగింది. దీంతోపాటు విదేశాలకు చెందిన మరో ఆరు ఉపగ్రహాలను కూడా గురి తప్పకుండా నిర్దిష్ట కక్ష్యల్లోకి ఈ వాహకనౌక ప్రవేశపెట్టింది. తొలిసారిగా అమెరికాకు చెందిన ఉపగ్రహాలను ఇస్రో ప్రయోగించడం విశేషం. నెల్లూరు జిల్లాలోని సతీశ్‌ ధవన్‌ అంతరిక్ష కేంద్రం షార్‌ ఇందుకు వేదికగా నిలిచింది.  తాజా ప్రయోగం కోసం శనివారం ఉదయం 8.00 గంటలకు ప్రారంభమైన 50 గంటల కౌంట్‌డౌన్‌ ప్రక్రియ సోమవారం ఉదయం 10.00 గంటలకు ముగిసింది. ఆ వెంటనే పీఎస్‌ఎల్‌వీ-సి30 రాకెట్‌లో మొదటి దశ ప్రజ్వలించింది. ఆస్ట్రోశాట్‌తోపాటు విదేశాలకు చెందిన మరో ఆరు ఉపగ్రహాలను మోసుకుంటూ రాకెట్‌ నింగిలోకి దూసు