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Document Signing Companies Have Become an Online Business Necessity

The increasingly paperless business world requires many electronic signatures, and somebody to assure you the signatures are genuine. With more business conducted on the Internet than ever before, it makes sense that those sharing documents, agreements and contracts would also want the convenience of digital signatures or electronic signatures. That explains market research companies like  P&S Market Research  show continuing strong growth through 2023. They attributed this demand to "increasing use of digital signatures to reduce deception, growing government focus towards eliminating paperless work coupled with growing adoption of digital signature-based biometrics in various end-use industries, across the globe." With my business, we send out a  lot  of documents that need to be signed by our customers -- some days it's hundreds of documents. This makes it crucial for our  business  to automate this process. We've used countless companies to help u

Tech/Biz: What's The Ideal Length For Your Business' Digital Content?

I recently got a LinkedIn message from a product developer based in Singapore. He mentioned he just launched a training aggregator mobile app and was now working on a content strategy for his company’s blog. He asked me, ”What’s the ideal length for my business’ digital content?” It’s a question I’ve been asked many times by startups in Asia. Here’s the advice I gave him. Before you dive into how long your content should be, ask yourself three simple questions: Who is my audience? What are their pain points? How does my business help? Once you’ve answered those questions, start by defining your audiences in terms of  personas . (Not sure where to start? HubSpot offers a  free buyer personas template .) Now put yourself in your personas’ shoes. What kind of content would solve their pain points or interest them? Let’s say your target audience are busy CEOs. They’re likely interested in topline insights and best practices rather than long-form whitepapers. (At least,