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Youngsters take up organic farming

The group of youngsters at Pattikkara, near Kecheri in Thrissur, who started organic cultivation of paddy They take 10 acres of fallow land on lease for paddy cultivation Nine youngsters of Pattikkara near Kecheri here have set a model worth emulating by starting organic cultivation of paddy in 10 acres of traditional rice field that remained unutilised for over 20 years. According to P.H. Afzal, a member of the team, it was newspaper reports on organic cultivation efforts elsewhere that prompted him and his friends to take the land on lease and initiate organic farming. Initial works have already begun and the group expects a yield of at least 40,000 kg during harvesting. They preferred to cultivate four varieties of rice. The popular variety Jyothi is growing in six acres while two acres will grow the local variety, Kodiyan. One acre is devoted to another local variety, Punkar, and another acre for Rakthashali, a rare rice variety with medicinal value. The whole