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TVs in 2016 will make every show you watch look incredible

Are you happy with your TV? You won't be after you see how much better TVs equipped with HDR technology can be than your old regular flat screen. HDR technology, which stands for high dynamic range, adds better colors, deeper blacks, and brighter whites to movies and TV shows filmed in HDR. In the picture below, the TV on the right is one of LG's latest TVs with HDR. The TV on the left is a "conventional" TV. The difference is clear: Antonio Villas-Boas/Tech Insider The HDR-equipped TV on the right is showing way more colors, like reds, oranges, yellows, blacks, and whites. Meanwhile, the conventional TV on the left is basically showing yellows, whites, and blacks.  Also, look at the top left and right corners on each TV, and you'll see the HDR TV has deeper blacks, which helps the colors and brighter spots on the screen really pop out. The effect is stunning.  But don't trash your old TV just yet. As I mentioned above, it'll only