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11 Skills That Will Make You Super Successful

Once you have defined success for yourself your path there will become apparent. How does someone become off-the-charts successful? Some say it’s luck. Others say it’s hustle. The truth is, success only comes with a combination of both-, as well as a few other ingredients. Defining   success   can be tricky because it’s so subjective. Some people want to make a million dollars a year. Others want to make a good living and have three weeks of paid vacation time a year so they can travel. Then there are those with the desire to build something of their own, and still others who want to find ways to make money passively so they can spend more time on their hobbies. Whatever your definition of success, these 11 skills can help you achieve it faster. 1. Stop replaying negative thoughts in your mind. A recent article in   The New Yorker   reveals that when we remember the past, we do not remember it in the way we think we do. The images that come to mind aren’t like old f

10 Daily Habits That Will Make You a Millionaire

You have to pay the cost if you want to be the boss. The cost is discipline. No leader can achieve success without a certain level of discipline. A disciplined person is willing and able to give up short-term pleasure to achieve long-term gains. Of course, becoming disciplined requires you to have daily habits. Only disciplined people with habits can turn their lives around. Habits can change the direction of our lives. While some people have pitiful habits, like gossiping; others have powerful ones, like praising others. No matter who you are or where you came from, your habits can make or break you. What are your habits? Where are they leading you? People ask me all the time, “What are your daily habits? What time do you wake up? What do you do when you get up in the morning?” These questions make me chuckle because I used to ask the same questions when I started my journey to success. The only difference between you and I is that you’re actually getting the answers right

10 Secrets to Great Wealth

If you Google “millionaire” and “secrets,” you get more than 10 million results. With so many articles on the subject, you might conclude there’s a big audience for that sort of thing, and you’d be right. And since you clicked on this headline, that probably includes you. Looks like I’ve reached the right audience and you’ve come to the right place. Perfect. Here’s the thing. With millions of writers and millions of readers, you might also conclude that none of that content is actually secret. Again, you’d be right. And get this. With rare exception, it’s all BS. This is not, and I’ll tell you why. I’m a veteran of the technology industry who spent decades working with countless executives and business leaders. We’re talking hundreds, if not thousands – all of whom did well for themselves. Very well. And since you won’t hear this advice from anyone but an insider like me, I guess we can legitimately call them “secrets.” Quit reading dumb articles like this one. Think I’m

5 min read The 1 Question That Made Me a Millionaire

Every day, my inbox is filled with requests from my readers and audience members about what I did to become a millionaire. My answer often surprises them.  Let me put it this way: Earning $1 million in a year takes the same effort that earning $10,000 per year takes. However, the difference is not in the effort which you put forth, but in what you think about your efforts. I've had dozens of jobs before I learned the secret  formula   of obtaining wealth. In fact, I remember one job at a car-manufacturing factory where I had the displeasure of waking up 3 am to walk a dozens miles per day as I traversed stray items to it's proper location. It was menial, but even worse, degrading.  After that particular job, which ended promptly at 9 am, I would wearily go to school, barely able to heed the lessons from my professors. It was an endless endeavor that I despised. Deep down inside me, I knew that there had to be a better way to earn my money. But how?  I felt like an

The 12 Skills Every Millionaire Must Have

If you want to become a millionaire, you need the skills to pay the bills. Millionaires set themselves apart from the masses by the skills they possess. These skills are so well crafted that the average person does not realize them. And this is what made them a millionaire in the first place. In my journey to becoming a millionaire, I thought that these skills were impossible to cultivate. However, once I started meeting people who had them, I realized that I too could learn them. After plenty of mistakes, I sought to refine them by studying the experts again. While some of those I studied were great at sales, others were great at marketing. I learned from the millionaires who were the best at each respective skill. And that's how I became a millionaire! Here are the 12 skills every millionaire must have: 1. Communication Millionaires send out thousands of emails every year. Every email builds your brand. They are also specialists on the phone and meeting face t