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Microsoft Surface Phone: Major Leak Reveals Processor, RAM, Price, and Release Date

Competition in the smartphone market is getting hotter as major manufacturers are moving up the ladders of innovation and introducing path-breaking features. We told you in a previous report today that the  Galaxy S8 will get a 4K BioBlue display , which alone shows how innovative Samsung is. Meanwhile, Apple is preparing the iPhone 7, and recent leaks and rumors indicate that the phone may not be as unexciting as we were supposing it to be. But amidst all this humdrum, Microsoft seems to have disappeared from the scene completely, and the Microsoft Surface Phone is still nowhere to be seen. Thankfully, we have spotted some really exciting news about the smartphone today, and the information leaked is really amazing. The Chinese microblogging site Weibo, which is a regular source of major leaks and rumors, is full of new information about the Surface Phone today. According to the new details, the Surface Phone will come with the next-gen Snapdragon 830 processor, which is e

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

I’m really excited about this week’s apps. SwiftKey is trying to make its already great (and smart) keyboard smarter. The Podcasting app Overcast is now completely free, plus it’s been updated. And the Truecaller app finally gave its Windows Phone community some much needed attention. There’s also a pretty awesome calendar app that visualizes your schedule, a sweet app for making vectors and...well, Halo. Android SwiftKey Neural Alpha The makers of the smart keyboard  SwiftKey  are testing another type of smart keyboard that’s supposed to be better at finishing your sentences. The name’s SwiftKey Neural Alpha. It’s not that the original SwiftKey Keyboard isn’t good– it’s that it lacks that contextual understanding that a keyboard with neural network-based intelligence would have, as  Chris Mills explained recently . So, instead of the keyboard filling in any logical next word, Neural Alpha uses machine learning to analyze the context of each sentence and—after a