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The Right Way To Launch A Successful New Product

The vast majority of corporate R&D is done by well-established companies investing in relatively low-risk, medium-return, N+1 (next-generation) products. These products and their business models seldom need more than a few tweaks. For development and go-to-market teams the N+1 process is quite routine. The Challenge Problems present themselves on big gambles:  new  products and markets. They bring new technology platforms, customers, use cases, and even channels. Despite the considerable resources and experience that established companies have, new product development is a heavy lift for any team. Additionally, new-product teams – engineers, designers, marketers, and general managers – typically lack the shared, face-to-face customer experiences and layers of data it produces that they have with pre-existing products. To address this, teams buy market research, conduct focus groups, do A-B web testing, and assign a marketer and technologist to interview prospecti