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Packaging Redefined™️ by CPP

  We are offering concept-based packaging solutions; we invent and frame a revelatory structure with the name of “PACKAGING REDEFINED [PR]”, which is helpful to make your product packaging qualitative and innovative. PR is a strategic innovative program; it caters to the needs of multiple industry segments, through innovative, easy-to-use, secured, integrated, branding solutions in a build-as-you-grow, sell-as-you-design business model. PR serves its clients with the help of best practices gained through Premium Packaging experience, global market reach, skills, and delivery capabilities. The initiatives of the CPP Packaging Redefined concept in the field of Print and Packaging are concentrated on ensuring that productivity and branding gain access to quality products. Expedite use packaging design and development and delivery with built-in project management capabilities  Invented packaging and branding based omnichannel customer experiences and engagement  Increased loyalty, custom

The Chinese Takeout Box is As American As Baseball and Apple Pie

It may be hard to believe, but for a brief moment in history, oysters were one of the most popular foods along the Eastern US coast, especially in New York City. Cheaper than poultry, the bivalve saltwater mollusk was affordable for the working class, thanks to advances in dredge harvesting. As plentiful and inexpensive as oysters were, getting to the fleshy bits requires a bit of skill. What's more, once shucked, they don’t stay fresh for very long, a more pressing concern before widespread refrigeration. The need for an inexpensive, watertight package that can safely carry oysters home inspired the eventual invention of the “oyster pail,” an early version of which was  patented  in 1890, then significantly improved upon in 1894 by Frederick Weeks Wilcox. The new version could be formed from a single piece of paper or card stock so that no moisture gets trapped, leading to unwanted leakage. Its folded design also allows steam to escape. Ever handy, the top can be folded and locked

This Incredibly Simple Packaging Idea Could Reduce Global Emissions

A Dutch design student proposes a common-sense alternative to the way most home goods are sold today. Look at any label on a household product, from laundry detergent to dish soap to shampoo, and you’ll see that most are 80% water. Across billions of units, shipped around the world, that adds up to a huge amount of extra weight–which means more packaging wasted, more fuel needed, and more pollution produced. What if each product was distilled down to its non-water ingredients and sold as a solid? That’s the idea behind the designer  Mirjam de Bruijn ‘s project  Twenty , a concept for packaging where these products are sold in solid form. Once you’ve bought your shampoo pellets, you simply put them in a reusable bottle, and add water. [Photo: Mirjam Lois de Bruijn ] If the concept, which is de Bruijn’s thesis for the Design Academy Eindhoven, were to be widely adopted, she estimates the average plastic packaging per person in the Netherlands would reduce significantly.