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My dream is to put tech solutions in the hands of local entrepreneurs: Nadella

MUMBAI, :   Ever since Satya Nadella took over as the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft he has brought in huge changes to the way the company saw things. Having missed technological shifts to newer rivals such as Google and Facebook, Nadella is on an overdrive to ensure that Microsoft stays ahead of the innovation curve. In a roundtable with select media, Nadella spoke about his vision. Edited excerpts: The Central government has launched various initiatives such as Make in India, Digital India. What’s your view on the envisioned success of these programmes? As a company, Microsoft is in it for the long term. Because when you think about the country and about the trajectory, I look at not only what’s happening in the government, but also what is happening in the private sector, what is happening in the broader economy as a whole, and that’s where my optimism comes from. Our economic model is fundamentally about digital technology in the hands of others — be it small