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Can You Manage What You Can't Measure?

We are stepping out of one era and into a new one in the working world. It is crystal clear that the Machine Age structure and rhythm of work has hung on far past the point of usefulness. In the new-millennium marketplace, our businesses and institutions will fail if we try to hire and lead people using outdated, factory-style ideas and practices. It is easy to see how technology and culture are shifting the world in fundamental ways related to our sense of time and place, our mobility and our connectedness with one another. The complex and time-sensitive work we do in this Knowledge Economy doesn’t mesh with old-fashioned, mechanical work and leadership practices. We can’t divided today’s work into neat bundles and give people tidy, consistent job descriptions. That management style is too confining. It’s boring for the people doing the work and they’re hampered by stupid things like job descriptions and pay grades. Then the machine runs your business instead of good ideas a