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Government to introduce startup blueprint this month

New Delhi:  The government, in two weeks, will unveil a blueprint for startups to ease the process of setting up new ventures. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will release the blueprint of ‘Start Up India’ programme which may include a Startups and Entrepreneurship Law to make it easier for setting up new ventures and closing unviable ones, besides clearing regulatory issues that hamper access to finance. The government is also seeking to define a new category of business ‘Innovative Start-ups’ to distinguish them from micro, small, medium and large enterprises that are built on conventional business models.  There would be a special support structure for such innovative start-ups, including funding from the government. “In such start-ups, the government, through the domestic venture capital funds, could take a 25 per cent stake. We will leave the due diligence, mentoring and refining of business ideas to the professional venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) funds,”