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Research: How Leadership Experience Affects Students

Early leadership experience can be very valuable. Selective colleges screen for  demonstrated leadership experience , and   studies   have found that people with high school leadership experience are paid up to 33% more than those without it. This wage premium is similar to the one associated with a college degree. However, we know little about what types of skills early leadership service may help to develop. Although adults who serve as leaders are observably different from nonleaders — leaders tend to have  higher cognitive ability, more self-confidence, and more motivation or drive  — we don’t know much about whether these differences arise because leadership service changes individuals or because these individuals are selected for their preexisting skills. To investigate this question, we  studied  378 seventh-grade students in a Chinese secondary school. Among the top 92 students, we randomly assigned classroom leadership positions to 46 of them. We tracked the students f

LinkedIn launches 'Placements' service to help students find first jobs

LinkedIn on Thursday(Nov 5) launched 'Placements' service in the country, aimed at helping graduating students find their first job. This is the first solution developed by LinkedIn's India product development for the local market. The US-based firm has a team of 100 people for product development in India, of which 40 worked on making LinkedIn Placements. "Our conversations with students, placement officers and recruiters involved in campus recruitment point to an unmet need for efficiency and effectiveness," LinkedIn India Head (Engineering) Ganesan Venakatasubramanian said in a statement. He added that 'Placements' was developed as a first step to help connect graduating students to their first jobs at a massive scale. India is the first market to pilot the product. "DY Patil, FMS Delhi and PESIT are among 14 colleges that have already adopted the pilot," the statement said. The solution also makes it easier for placement officers